Monday 23 July. Leh Fort.

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The day before our trek. I shatter a tooth on a piece of dried museli while eating my Penguin Cafe breakfast. Rather concerning with a two week trek ahead of us.

Leh Fort sits atop the hill which rises above Leh Palace. The short, steep climb begins near the long mani wall in a stupa field at the old village of Chubi. We sit inside hundreds of prayer flags radiating from the top pole. Prayer flag heaven. A slightly precarious walk leads to a decrepit balcony draped with prayer flags that skirts three sides of one of the fort towers. Very unsafe. Wonderful views over Leh and the valley.

The path zig zags down to the fields which lead to the gateway stupas near Sankar and back to our GH at Karzoo.

We spend the second half of the day buying a wedding card for our friends Sue and Peter back in England, foam sleeping mats for the trek, and trying to find an alleged Tibetan dentist in the old town. I fail to find him, which may be a good thing, and settle on a bottle of clove oil from the chemist.

Mentokling curries and the Ladakh Bookstore on Market Street take up the evening.

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