August 2013, we fly to Kathmandu, spend a couple of days there and a day at Bodnath before flying to Pokhara and the following day flying on to Jomsom. At Jomsom we start our 15 day trek into Upper Mustang.

We return to Jomsom and spend two days on the road by bus and taxi to get back to Pokhara and a flight back to Kathmandu. We spend a week in Kathmandu andPatan.


Our guide on this trek was Kancha, aka Yam Tamang. Most people in the Himalaya have two names, the family name and the nicname, eg Kancha. Kancha lives in Kathmandu with his wife and three children. He’s a brilliant guide, a genuinely lovely man and a kind and wonderful companion who’ll enjoy the trek as much as you. He brings porters from his home village who he’s worked with for over 20 years. He’s an excellent cook, works tirelessly, speaks good English, has a great sense of humour and has an easy way of making friends and finding special places along the trail. He’s a modest man and he’ll also fix things for you in Kathmandu. We’d recommend Kancha 100%.

You can email him at Yam Tamang




Kathmandu, Bodnath

Kagbeni to Shyangboche

Shyangboche to Ghar gompa

Ghar gompa to Lo Montang

Lo Montang

In and around Lo Montang

Lo Montang to Dhi

Dhi to Luri

Luri to Tsarang

Tsarang to Shyangboche

Shyangboche to Chussang

Chussang to Kagbeni


Jomson to Kathmandu


Kathmandu - Pasupatinath

Kathmandu - Swayambunath