We fly from Delhi and spend a couple of days in Leh before driving to Kargil. En route we see the Dalai Lama inaugurating a new stupa and school at Khaltse. We spend a night in Kargil and drive south to Rangdum where we camp near the gompa. We visit the gompa before driving down to Padum. We spend three days around Padum: we visit the monasteries of Karsha, sTongde and Bardan and watch the Republic Day celebrations in Padum. We drive just north of Zangla to Honla for the start of the trek.


Our guide on this trek, and several other treks, was Stanzin, aka Tenzin Chos. Most people in the Himalaya have two names, the family name and the nicname, eg Stanzin. Stanzin lives in Leh with his wife and three children. He’s a brilliant guide, a genuinely great man and a kind and wonderful companion who’ll enjoy the trek as much as you. He’s from a small village near Padum in Zanskar. He works tirelessly, speaks good English, always manages to find the caretaker with the keys and has many friends along the trail and in the monasteries. We’d recommend Stanzin 100%.

Stanzin has a website:

You can email him at


Day 1: Trek starts: Honla over the Namche La.           

Day 2: To somewhere unmarked.           

Day 3: Over the Labar La to Nierak.           

Day 4: At Nierak. 

Day 5: Cross the Zanskar river to Yulchung.           

Day 6: At Yulchung.           

Day 7: Over the Singge La.           

Day 8: To Photoksar.           

Day 9: At Photoksar.           

Day 10: Over the Sirsir La.           

Day 11: Over the Nigutse La.           

Day 12: Over the Yogma La.           

Day 13: To Kanji trek ends

Day 14: Kanji.

From Kanji we drive to see the fort at Chigtan then on to the Aryan village of Dha. Stay night at Dha. We then drive back to Leh and spend a few days enjoying the Ladakh Festival.

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Zanskar 2012 - From Zangla to Kanji