We joined an organised group following a classic quick route through Tibet: fly from Kathmandu to Llasa; visit Samye and Mindroling in the Yarlung Tsampo valley; Llasa, the Potala, Ganden and Drepung; drive to Gyangtse; drive to Shigatse; drive to Tingre; drive down the Friendship Highway back to Kathmandu. We then spent time in Bhaktapur and the Kathmandu valley.

In the towns we went our own way as much as possible but being in a group inevitably inhibited our contact with Tibetans. The Chinese occupation casts a sad pall over a visit to Tibet, the experience of cultural destruction and loss and is overwhelming. The presence of military uniforms and security cameras in the centres of Tibetan Buddhism is a hard reality and a total contrast to the joyful contacts we had with Tibetans in quieter places. 

PHOTOS     DIARY     Yumbulagang, Samye, Mindroling, Llasa       

PHOTOS     DIARY     Lhasa, Potala, Barkhor, Jokhang                        

PHOTOS     DIARY     Ganden                                                                   

PHOTOS     DIARY     Drepung, Lhasa Backstreets, Norbulinka            

PHOTOS     DIARY     Lhasa to Gyantse                                                

PHOTOS     DIARY     Gyantse, the Kumbun Stupa                               

PHOTOS     DIARY     Gyantse to Xigatse                                              

PHOTOS     DIARY     A Night in Xigatse                                               

PHOTOS     DIARY     Xigatse to Tingre                                                 

PHOTOS     DIARY     The Friendship Highway, Tingre to Kathmandu  

PHOTOS     DIARY     Kathmandu, Bodnath                                           

PHOTOS     DIARY     Bhaktapur, Kathmandu valley