We’re recently back from a couple of weeks in Nepal, we wanted to see how are friends were managing after the earthquake. All our friends are safe though some of their houses were damaged. Everybody’s life has been affected, Diki and Ugen our Tibetan friends at the Utse hotel in Kathmandu have had empty rooms and have had to find work to keep their staff occupied while they wait for tourism to recover. Kancha, our guide, has had no trekking groups to guide since the earthquake and Sunil has had very few people in his shop in Thamel. But they’re the lucky ones, some villages have been badly damaged or completely destroyed and people are still waiting for the Government to distribute the $2000 they promised to rebuild their houses. In some areas there is damage to much of the already flimsy infrastructure and clean water is an issue.

On our final day there the Government agreed a new constitution, there was general celebration but since then there’s been a blockade at the Indian border which has caused a chronic shortage of fuel - road traffic, including food aid and building materials for reconstruction, pretty much ground to a standstill. Luckily the Nepalese are a resilient people - when I mentioned this to one man he replied that they were nothing special, he thought that people were resilient everywhere.

We met up with a friend called Kim Bannister, an American who leads treks in the Himalaya and stays in Kathmandu. Kim is a force of nature and through her trekking company raises funds and sets up a variety of local projects all over the Himalaya. 

What is apparent is that sending aid money is more effective if sent to the existing small organisations already working on the ground. The latest donations we’re sending to Nepal will be sent to Kim’s fund - reading about what she’s doing will tell you more than I possibly could. The best place to start looking at Kim’s many projects is here

We’ve been raising funds by selling our Nepal photos at my showroom at the Natural Bed Company. A huge thank you to everyone who's bought photos and to the people who’ve made extremely generous contributions. I’m delighted by your response, thank you. The photos can been seen and bought on my other website:

Below are some of the photos from this autumn

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