Tibet 2014 - Samye

25 September Samye.

Lakhshang hurries us through the gates and into the courtyard of Samye monastery. We enter a large courtyard opening to the soft pink walls and gold rooved temples behind three tall flagpoles and huge incense burners with clouds of white smoke and the smell of juniper. You buy a branch of juniper, dip it in oil and offer it into the fire, a dramatic scene when the smoke bellows and the courtyard is lost in clouds of white smoke. A large group of monks from Amdo are holding sticks of incense and waiting to enter the prayer hall.

Samye is a delight, you can wander round at will - and you can take photographs! The ground floor is built in Tibetan style, the first floor in Chinese style and the top floor in an Indian architectural style, yet somehow the whole effect is harmonius.



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